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Divorce & Dissolution

Divorce & Dissolution in Grove City, Ohio

Ending a marriage is difficult emotionally, personally, and legally. With so many emotions swirling around the process of ending your marriage, it’s crucial to have an experienced attorney on your side. Whether you and your spouse have agreed to end the marriage amicably or you anticipate a long and possibly hostile court battle, having a lawyer protects your interests and ensures the process is handled appropriately. 

A dissolution could be the right choice if you and your spouse agree to end the marriage. In a dissolution, both parties must agree to all of the terms before filing anything or having a hearing. Our dissolution attorneys can assist you in putting together an agreement that may be acceptable to your spouse, saving both you and your partner time and money.

Divorce is always handled through the courts in Ohio. In a divorce, one spouse sues for divorce against their partner. The attorneys at McCarty & Heffernan will work with you to prepare a filing that includes the grounds for divorce and represent you in court. If temporary orders for support or custody are needed, these will be filed as well. As the divorce winds through the court system, your attorney will prepare all the necessary paperwork and negotiate favorable terms for the settlement, and litigate areas of disagreement.

If you aren’t sure whether a divorce or dissolution is right for you, a free consultation with McCarty & Heffernan can help you determine the best way to end your marriage and protect you and your loved ones.

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