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Property Division

Property Division in Grove City, Ohio

Property division during a divorce can become a significant issue. While Ohio property division laws state that marital property and assets should be divided evenly when a marriage ends, it can quickly get complicated for many reasons. In some cases, equal distribution of assets isn't the same as equitable distribution of assets. A judge will determine what is an appropriate division of property and issue a property division order that both spouses have to follow or be found in contempt of court.

Having an experienced property division attorney to represent you will protect your property interests and ensure you receive an equitable distribution that allows you the best chance of moving on with your new life. Among the many factors a judge will consider for property division are the length of the marriage, difficulty in dividing property such as the home, assets, and liabilities of each party, retirement accounts, and employment issues. At McCarty & Heffernan, we will carefully review your financial and marital situation in order to represent you before the judge and help you retain the maximum amount of marital property allowed by law.

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