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Landlord & Tenant

Landlord & Tenant in Grove City, Ohio

Ohio lease and rental laws are designed to protect both landlords and tenants, but they are confusing, and most landlords and tenants aren’t sure where they stand when there is a dispute. Whether you’re a property owner leasing or renting to others or a renter, we can help when a disagreement turns into something more. We can explain the laws applying to your situation and analyze the issue to determine how to proceed. We will work to help solve the problem and protect your rights. 

McCarty and Heffernan handles all manner of landlord/tenant issues, including:

  • Rental rates, unpaid or late rent, property owner rights

  • Security deposits, habitability, tenant rights

  • Lease agreements and rental contracts, including drafting and reviewing legal documents

  • Privacy and access issues

Discussing landlord/tenant issues is stressful and can be uncomfortable, particularly when discussing details of a personal nature. Our attorneys and staff are always respectful and will protect your privacy in every way possible while helping you find a solution.

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