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Wills & Probate Estates

Wills & Probate Estates in Grove City, Ohio


Protecting your family after you've passed away hinges on whether you've adequately prepared a will or estate to protect the inheritance you leave behind. If you haven't yet prepared a will, now is the time. In the state of Ohio, if you pass away without a valid will, your next of kin (often your spouse) is appointed by the court to distribute your assets. 

Your next of kin may keep everything, give it away, or distribute it in ways that aren't in line with your wishes. They may try to be fair and do what they think you would have wanted, but without a will, they can't be sure. Preparing a will now can prevent hard feelings and family disputes down the road. Other aspects of protecting your family may include setting up a trust, assigning power of attorney if you're incapacitated, and preparing a living will or medical directive.

Our office offers a complete Will package for $500.00, which includes a consultation. The package includes the preparation & execution of the following:

  • Last Will & Testament

  • Healthcare Power of Attorney

  • Statutory Power of Attorney

  • Living Will

  • Burial Rights

  • Organ Donation


When a loved one dies, their estate has to go through probate. During a difficult and distressing time, the executor of the estate has to go through the probate process and coordinate proper documentation and filings. The grieving process makes the situation incredibly difficult, but McCarty & Heffernan’s probate attorneys can make it a little easier and less distressing. We address any legal issues, sort through the complex rules and regulations surrounding settling an estate, and help you administer the estate from beginning to end, allowing you the time to grieve properly without worrying about legal issues.

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